10.00-10.15: Opening speeches

10.15-11.15: Dr. Norbert Becker, biologist, Scientific-Technical Director of KABS, Vice President of EMCA – Mosquito control on two frontiers – control of indigenous and exotic species in Germany

11.15-12.15: Dr. Gábor Kemenesi, Dr. Kornélia Kurucz, University of Pécs Szentágothai Research Centre – The situation of invasive mosquitoes in Hungary: a summary

12.15-13.15: Frederic Verwilghen, Consultant in Biocides, Brussels – Biocidal Product Regulation – Threats and Opportunities

13.15-14.30: Reception by Bábolna Bio Ltd.

15.00-16.00: Dr. Gabi Müller, biologist, head of the Urban Pest Advisory
Service, Zurich, Switzerland; member of the educational committee of the Swiss Pest Control Association – Bed Bugs – a Concern for Global Public Health

16.00-17.00: Dr. Richard Naylor, entomologist, owner of Cimex Store Ltd., trustee of the Bed Bug Foundation – Bed Bug Foraging and Dispersal Behaviour: Lessons from a Simulated Infestation Setup

17.00-17.30: Dr. Jette Knudsen, leading researcher, bed bug expert, Nattaro Labs AB – Bed bugs – New findings on how to detect an unwanted sleeping partner

10.00-11.00: Dr. Mária Tóth, Hungarian Natural History Museum – Urban wildlife: why and how do they became pests?

11.00-12.00: Dr. Romain Lasseur, Innovation Director, Expert of Invasive Species, IZInovation – Rodent control: new regulatory context for rodenticides and impacts

13.00-14.00: Dr. Zoltán Vas, Hungarian Natural History Museum – Overview of the social and invasive wasps in Hungary

14.00-15.00: Ferenc Varga, Food Safety Management with the Nestle Nutrition team – Expectations from Pest Monitoring in Food Manufacturing

15.00-16.00: Astrid Schuhbauer Mag. Biol., Sales & Product Development, Biogents AG. – Mosquito traps: powerful new tools in the toolbox of integrated mosquito management